Money mindset

What beliefs did you pick up from your parents and which ones will you choose to pass on to your children?

Most of our unconscious beliefs and habits (which rule our lives) are cemented during our early years. This can be helpful – or not – depending on who influenced us at that time.

Many people, who find themselves struggling financially, grew up in a home where they heard things like:

• “money causes trouble”, or “it’s the root of all evil”         • “rich people are dishonest”
• “We can’t afford that” /  “I’m poor”,                                  • “I don’t deserve that” / “No-one in our family will ever be rich”
How could anyone possibly feel comfortable having money if holding these beliefs?


The good news is that through neurological re-patterning, we can learn new habits, but isn't it so much easier to start off on the right foot to begin with?


Children who, right from the get-go, develop positive beliefs about money, tend to be more resilient than those who don't. And because children watch and learn from their parents and other significant adults in their lives, grown ups need to be mindful of what they do and say when around children.

Our beliefs affect all aspects of our lives. Some of the other big ones to consider are; health, relationships and career.

Page 20 of the R for Richlife book affirms: 'Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs act like magnets attracting; opportunities, situations, things, people and experiences.' and 'we can attract things we love and appreciate, and also things we fear and dislike.'


Would you like your children to be financially resilient?

Now is a good time to consider what you think, feel and believe about money, and what you may be unconsciously passing on to your children as well.

What thoughts spring to mind when you see this photo?...


Do your thoughts fit with your current financial situation?


Interesting isn't it?


If you'd like to change your finances, make sure you change your thoughts about money.


Julie Davey is the author of R for Richlife, along with the bestseller: A for Attitude, Attitude in Action and the FabFirst5 program which are all distributed in 14 countries in multiple languages. The FabFirst5 is now also available as an iOS app . It can assist with managing money and reaching any other goal you may have.

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    Jo Violeta (Monday, 20 July 2015 15:34)

    Brilliant Blog Julie, certainly food for thought.

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    Julie (Monday, 20 July 2015 21:11)

    Thanks for your wonderful feedback Jo!