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Julie Davey speaking in Singapore 2003

Julie Davey's interest in the mind-body connection, lead to A for Attitude being self-published in 1998 for distribution in Australia and New Zealand. It was subsequently reprinted by Random House in 1999.


Since then, the A for Attitude range has grown in both scope and territory. In 2002, Times publishers in Singapore licensed the rights for Asia and distributed the book in ten Asian countries, including a special edition for India.

Since then, Julie has created programs for teachers and parents and other books have have since come into being...

New editions and translations...

In 2011, A for Attitude, Attitude in Action, R for Richlife  and The FabFirst5 were all republished as the uniform 'All about...' series.


They are now distributed in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Hong Kong and China.

Positive attitude books published in Asia
Positive attitude books published in Korea

In 2012 the entire series was translated into Korean.


16 years, 11 print runs and 40,000 copies after its first printrun, this edition of A for Atttitude certainly looks very different to our original book which was wiro-bound and much smaller. In this version, illustrations have been resized to suit the Korean style but again, the text is unchanged.


 'All about Attitude' quickly ranked #3 in Kyobo's children's list, one of the most famous book stores in Korea.


Attitude Thai style
Attitude Thai style

In 2013, All about Attitude  was transformed yet again when the text was translated into the Thai language.


This version has the text in both English and Thai.

Watch this space – because in 2015:

The 'All about ...' series will be translated into Vietnamese, and

The FabFirst5 program will be translated into Japanese!

Julie Davey co-authored this book

After speaking at the Positive Schools conferences in 2013, Julie was invited to contribute an article on the history and value of the FabFirst5 program for a new collaborative book.  In this new release; "Better than OK" you'll find that story alongside the works of esteemed speakers and authors such as Maggie Dent, Prof Tim Sharp and Andrew Fuller.


For a limited time, you can purchase this book at an exclusive discount.

Julie conducts presentations and workshops to parents and teachers, to assist them in helping the children in their lives to be the best they can be.

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A sneak peek inside A for Attitude

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Financial literacy for children


The principles in these resources have been used by successful people of all ages since Cocky was an egg…and that’s the time when we suggest that children learn these life-skills, to help them create lasting positive habits that empower them to be happy, healthy, productive and responsible beings.


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