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“I first discovered your book, A for Attitude, quite accidentally when browsing the book section of a department store – one of my favourite pastimes! I was lucky enough to discover your book and found it totally delightful!!!!! I actually bought it for myself, originally (I’m always looking for lovely, inspiring, and ‘feel good’ books), but then realised how much value there was for the kids I worked with. I am an Occupational Therapist, and have worked in the field of Autism for 29 years, (directly or indirectly) with probably thousands of kids of all ages during that time.
The values and philosophies in your book(s) are such important ones for all of us, but perhaps especially important for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Your illustrations are adorable, and help to make the themes explored, much more accessible, through being lighthearted. I feel the same way about your book, Attitude in Action and the other books you have created and/or illustrated (Secret Girl’s Business/Special Girl’s Business and Secret Boy’s Business).  
Your books have been used with many students with Autism, and I have been spreading the word about your wonderful books, often many times a day to parents, teachers, therapists, teacher aides, psychologists etc etc in schools throughout Queensland. The word has continued to spread in my ever-growing team of colleagues, and many of us sing the praises of your books!
Many of the children we work with are significantly challenged by the stresses of day-to-day life, and the ‘feel good’  philosophies you present, in such an appealing way, can do wonders to engender the ‘Can Do’ attitude.
I constantly recommend your posters, affirmation cards and other products, along with the books for both families and schools.
I often suggest that A for Attitude be used with class groups to facilitate discussion about the strengths and weaknesses we all have, along with the philosophy of daring to be different, and that it’s okay to be who you are – this can lead in beautifully to parents or teachers talking with their child/student with Autism or Asperger Syndrome about their diagnosis; it can be a perfect lead in also, for talking with siblings or peers to help them understand the child with ASD. And for engendering the spirit of helping each other. Just this morning I spoke about this!!
Attitude in Action has been very useful for teenagers with ASD who are grappling with where to go/what to do etc in their lives in the future, and in identifying and setting goals for themselves, and determining how to achieve them. Again, all in a very appealing, non-threatening way.
I know that many families and schools have expressed great interest in your books, and eagerly taken note of your website. I know that many people have been buying your products, and finding them very helpful.
So I thank you very much for creating such wonderful and helpful resources.  As you can tell, I’m one of your greatest fans!”
~ Anita Holzer – Occupational Therapist, Qld

“Each morning I randomly open A for Attitude as a source of inspiration for my day. I am really passionate about Julie’s simple messages and fantastic illustrations, and firmly believe that EVERY home would benefit from a copy of this book!

Another wonderful book is Julie’s Attitude In Action, a guide to realising your potential and achieving your dreams. Full of clear examples and terrific images, I turn to it often for a dose of clarity, direction and positive energy.

Surround yourself with Julie’s books, cards, posters and positive messages to bring more smiles to your life – I have!  Well done, Julie!”
Sammy Nuttall –

“… Julie Davey has collected all of life’s lessons (gems), and repackaged them like never before – to be delivered to the correct audience – the young …  It is my belief that this book should become permanently enshrined in the early curriculum of our youth …”
~ David Suter