adopting a can-do attitude – the can-do campaign

40 years ago the 'Life. Be in it.' campaign launched on our TV sets, urging us to get up off the couch and become more active. And it worked. People got out and cycled, walked, jogged etc. But wellbeing isn't just about exercising – there's far more to it.


Arnold Schwarzenegger, was quite right: "The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent." More people today are struggling emotionally than ever before. One in seven children have anxiety and, while many receive help, many more don't and are most likely to become depressed adults.


So let's get up off that other 'couch'. Let's get in early – before our children need counselling – and turn around the culture of bullying, pessimism, addiction and negativity that have kids missing out on realising their full potential...

Julie Davey promoting positive attitudes



The A for Attitude Can-do Campaign has four arms:

1. The Fabulous First 5 Minutes; a process that teaches children to set themselves up for the day ahead with a vision for who they want to be and what they want to achieve. Most importantly, it teaches children how to solve their own problems – that everything has a flip side and there are always solutions to every problem.  The habit of seeking solutions allows the user to set up new neural pathways and is backed up by Martin Seligman's research. The program launched in 2010, and the app in 2013. Both have achieved positive reviews. Find out more here.


2. The Attitude Books Project; a fabulous opportunity for all 8 year old Australian children to have their own copy of A for Attitude that they can access anytime to help them to build confidence, resilience and to live their best life. This project has been conducted in 12 schools on the Mornington Peninsula over the past three years with the generous support of Rotary clubs and local businesses. Learn about this project here and read the reviews and responses from staff and students.


To take this initiative to the next level, a Not For Profit organisation: the Attitude Books Foundation Inc. was launched in December 2015.


3. The Can Do Kids Club; a continuous program of encouragement and support for children and their families. Stage 1. sees each registered child receiving their own personal Welcome Pack containing membership certificate, stickers, fridge magnet and more, with the family receiving books and posters. This is supported with fortnightly activities going out to families to work on together, plus more great resources as listed on the Kids Club page on our Foundation website Children will also receive a birthday card in the mail.

4. Attitude TV; Part A is a series of video interviews, which we will add to over time, featuring Australian achievers (some famous, some not) responding to five key questions. The aim is to inspire kids to be focused on their individual skills and strengths, appreciate their self-worth and become possibility thinkers.


The final step will be to launch the Can-do campaign on TV in community announcement slots and boost optimism and positivity in our communities.


This new campaign aims to bring about positive mindset change in our community. To make this fully effective, we need your help to contribute to it in any way you can; to adopt, promote, share etc. They say "It takes a community to raise a child." We say "It takes a positive community to raise a positive child."

Like to find out more? Visit the Attitude Books Foundation Inc. website;