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Sponsor copies of A for Attitude for local Yr3 students...

Bulk Whole Foods sponsored books to local schools

...and place your branded label on Page 1. of this bestseller.

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More extensive branding opportunities exist for large orders. Please call our office today to discuss your sponsorship options.

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What is small change to you – can create massive change for children!


What is the cost to give every Year 3 child in Australia their own positive life-skills manual to use at school and take home... for life? *Please call our office to discuss pricing schedule.

Here’s HOW it works:

  1. Ethical businesses can now join in this initiative and purchase 100+ A for Attitude books for $9.50 eachthe regular retail price is $24.95. (Greater savings exist for higher levels of sponsorship.)
  2. Brand each copy with your business logo.
  3. Personalise our pro-forma letter, and let parents know about your business, perhaps make a special offer to them.
  4. Check with your local primary school to determine if they will invite you in to personally gift the books to each individual student.
  5. Call your local newspaper editor, or send a press release and let your wider community know about this project and how and why you have chosen to support it.

Here’s WHY it works:

Promoting your business ...

This initiative paves the way for you to:

  • attract media attention for your gesture, which gives you an opportunity to inform the wider community about your organisation.
  • have direct access to parents and teachers who you can invite to visit your premises or utelise your service.
  • set up a lasting affiliation with children – future potential customers of your business.

Please note that we only partner with ethical businesses who provide goods and services which support healthy lifestyles for children and the broader community.

Supporting your local students ...

This initiative supports children by:

  • teaching them valuable principles that have been used by millions of successful people for thousands of years;
  • using simple visuals to share information with children and their families, and
  • reminding them to value and love themselves and others.

Helping your local school ...

This initiative helps schools by:

  • providing a well tested, highly acclaimed and trusted resource that can be referred to in class by teachers;
  • addressing bullying and negative behaviours amongst students
  • affirming the benefits of community spirit when you visit your local school and gift these books to students (for no particular reason), and
  • building an 'I Can' community for Yr 3 students to continue throughout their remaining years at primary school and beyond.