school children with A for Attitude books

Rotary Youth Director Claire Burns and Julie visited Our Lady of Fatima school in Rosebud recently, to chat with the grade 3 students as a part of the Attitude Books Project.


DP Marita O'Sullivan, pictured top left, is a great supporter of our book and other resources.

Here’s WHAT works:
FREE gift of the A for Attitude book to every Yr3 child.
• Book is personally presented to every student by Sponsor and Author*

• Complimentary Teacher resource book to support use in classroom.
• Within 4 years 57% of primary students will have their own book, within ten years all Australian students from Yr3 - Y12 would get an A for Attitude!


"Such a great initiative, students mention it often, have used it as a strategy when dealing with issues" – T.Coumbe, Assistant Principal, Rye P.S.

Here’s HOW it works:
Schools team up with:
• Local businesses with positive values – eg. Bendigo Bank
• Philanthropists and school patrons, or
• Service clubs, eg. Rotary, Lions, Soroptomists, Jaycees etc.

Your school is already known to these groups so you are in a great position to approach them and request support in what is clearly a win/win initiative.

Here’s WHY it works:
• “Kids who need it – read it”: 16 years of feedback shows this best-practice resource is very well accepted by children and adults alike,

• A for Attitude is used and recommended by psychologists and counsellors,
• Presentation by author  helps students to connect with the book,

• This resource works across all year levels: ideal for buddy system,

• 'I Can' can become a whole-school mantra,
• Sponsors gain exposure via your school,

• Service Clubs get to attract members,
• It’s a ‘good news story’ for local media to cover.

"A for Attitude was so important to me as a child and I am so glad I am now teacher and I can share it with my students...”    

Ms Rebecca Neagle, Yr 3/4 teacher, St Joseph’s PS, Brunswick W, Vic. Aust.

Click here to get more information about asking for sponsorship.

Schools may purchase books themselves for distribution to Yr3 students