A great resource for school and home...

94 pages of activities, BLMs and tips for how to make the most of the A for Attitude book in your classroom and home.


A collaborative effort by Year 3 teacher Kate Emry, BA Grad Dip Ed and Julie Davey author and illustrator.


This book is available to purchase online as a Pdf and will also be included as part of the Attitude Books Project package for Yr3 teachers.


Many activities link with curriculum.


Many of the topics in A for Attitude link to other topics in the book. For example, our health is affected by our choices which stem from our thoughts which in turn affect feelings and it's quite clear that they ALL link back to Attitude!


A series of activities and BLMs in the workbook relate to the story of a bully Ant, a clever Bee and a colourful, cuddly Caterpillar who aim to help children to rethink the way they speak to themselves and others.


Word Search Solution
44 Positive words have been used to make the Word Search in the A+ Attitude Workbook. Download solutions here.
word search solutions.pdf
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