BLMs - Black Line Masters for A+ Activity book

A for Attitude Question Dice
BLM: To use with A+ Activity book
Question dice.pdf
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Blank Question Dice BLM
Choose your own words to write on these question dice, then cut out, paste up and use them with the A+ Activity book.
Question dice generic.pdf
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Match some comments made by Ant, Bee and Caterpillar in the story.
Choose some of the comments that the characters made and match each comment to the character that said them.
A+ ABC choices pic.pdf
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Fill in some of Ant, Bee and Caterpillar's other comments.
Write in your choice of comments that the characters made then match each comment to the character that made them.
A+ ABC choices pic no text.pdf
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Choices / Thoughts / Boomerangs
BLM: To create a conversation showing statements and various responses ...
Choices : Thoughts : Boomerangs.pdf
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Boomerangs BLM
Print, trim and paste these boomerangs back to back for each student.
Boomerangs BLM.pdf
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Be true to you P97 A+ Activity book
A flow chart for children to fill in their preferred choices when faced with peer group pressure
Truth P97 A+.pdf
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Choose to / Choose not to. P31A+ Activity book
A flow chart to show how "I can't" usually means "I choose not to". The change in language can be very empowering.
A+ P31.pdf
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