Now you can score an 'A+' for Attitude!

If you already own a copy of  A for Attitude, check out this new resource with 54 x A4 activity sheets which drill down into A for Attitude topics to help extend the value of the original book, PLUS a short ABC story about a bully-Ant, a clever Bee and a very colourful Caterpillar!

Co-authored by Kate Emry, Snr Yr 3 teacher, the A for Attitude Activity book supports teachers by linking activities to the Australian Curriculum ACARA.

A+ It's the Attitude Activity Book


One short story PLUS 54 exercises with Attitude!

Includes 54 x A4 activity sheets.

Emailed to you as a PDF within 24 hours


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Get together and save

 Buy A for Attitude PLUS A+


Your A+ Pdf comes via a 'Hightail' link for you to download.

The A for Attitude book will be mailed to you within 7 days.

Just $34.95 for both!


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Give your child the chance to get an  A for Attitude and an A+ as well. Purchase both resources together and for a limited time save 12% on this duo.


You'll be able to download the activity pages and work through them alphabetically in conjunction with the A for Attitude book, or select an exercise here and there as challenges arise.


This is an excellent conversation starter to help you support your child.


It's ideal as a classroom resource and/or tool for counselors!