Attitude Books Foundation inc. – our not for profit organisation

Julie Davey promoting positive attitudes




 Established in December 2015 to build upon the work already achieved in The Attitude Books Project; Not For Profit group was dedicated to building resilience in Australian children. The campaign goal was to equip – with the aid of brand partners – all 8 year old children with their own copy of A for Attitude that they could access anytime to help them to build confidence, resilience and to live their best life. Throughout this campaign. multiple benefits exist for schools and families.


In September 2020, the Foundation was wound up but the campaign to share A for Attitude with children to help boost their resilience will remain alive as long as possible. We invite schools and sponsors including parent associations, to contact us to discuss your requirements.

The adventures of the Attitude Caravan 2018–2019

In 2018–19, Andrew and I took to the road to promote A for Attitude in our very colourful A for Attitude caravan. Over several months, we visited several schools in country Victoria and ventured briefly into NSW on our planned 2 week tour in May 2018 before having to cut our tour short when our beloved poodle Charlie fell ill. We did some other short trips here and there in the caravan and were grateful for TV coverage in Bendigo and Traralgon, plus the many ABC radio interviews that we took part in around Victoria as well as Bunbury in WA in November 2018.


Here's a snapshot of a typical day on the road... Wednesday 13th Feb speaking to Traralgon Lions Club Inc then early morning ABC Gippsland interview with Jonathon Kendall 7.20am Thursday followed by an A for Attitude chat with all Yr3&4 kids at Liddiard Road Primary School then author pop-up table at Traralgon library 11-12md. Whew.

Can Do Kids Concerts

Thanks to the fabulous Peninsula School of Dance team, generous local sponsors and speakers and a group of very talented kids, we ran three Can Do Kids Concerts concerts on the Peninsula during 2016 / 2017. We created two positive songs and had lots of fun.