Positive kids

Like a positive immunisation program for the mind, this initiative needs to cover all children to be truly effective.


Let's work together to stop negativity, bullying and ignorance from breeding in your community.

To get this happening in your community, please download the flyer for your local school P&C.

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Parents' feedback about the ABP...

"I had my son come home with great excitement, that a lady had come to school and generously given them each a book that she had written and in his words “It’s Awesome”.

He went on to speak about how the book taught them that it’s ok to have feelings and that it's what we do with them that matters, “Just like you teach me Mum" he said.

For me as a parent, it was so nice to see my son make the correlation between what I teach him and to meet someone with such a positive and wise perspective, to then reinforce the things I share with him daily.

Thank you Julie, I wish you every success in all your doings."

~ Josie Jones, Rosebud

What a great 'Can Do' attitude... Can Do!