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the FabFirst5 App

Once upon a time we could say "Yes! We have an app for that!" then Apple demanded that we upgrade it or lose it.


If we have enough support for the App down the track when we are rich and famous, we might upgrade it and relaunch.


Watch this space for a crowdfunding campaign...

Mental Health professionals' reviews...

"A fun and engaging way for young people to learn to focus on solutions rather than problems.  This app is easy to use and visually appealing for children of all ages and stages.  Children need to create solutions in order to be able to focus on them, they also need to be involved in the development of their own wellbeing. Children learn by doing rather than simply listening.  This app ticks all of these boxes and more.  I recommend it to parents to share with younger children, to teachers to share with their classrooms and for older children to have a go independently"

Dr Helen Street , Applied Social Psychologist and Educator
Fellow, Graduate School of Education, University of Western Australia
Chair, Positive Schools

Check this app out. Grab it as it will help your child if they need help with building resilience, confidence, esteem while working through their worries and focussing on possible positive outcomes. Please share this and buy the app $1.29 thanks, and well done Julie, it's great.


– Eryka Rhodes, counsellor and owner of Looking Forward Counselling

Children's stories

When I showed 5 year old Clementine the App and explained how it worked, she was excited to give it a try.


She took to it like a duck to water and quickly pinpointed a worry and got excited about how she could ' think differently' about the problem by flipping it over to focus on what she would like to see happen instead...


The younger they are when children learn this skill, the better equipped they will be for life's ups and downs. "It's not what happens to us, it's how we deal with it that counts."

Parents comments

Hi Julie, I purchased your FabFirst5 App yesterday afternoon and my daughter, who is a little anxious about auditioning for a school play, has already made use of the App and loved it. Successful already! The positive things she was saying clearly demonstrated how useful the App is. Thank you and congratulations on creating it.

 – Laura Rossborough, mother of 4 and Tummy Zip specialist


Massive congratulations Julie - we have downloaded here and have recommended it to so many people - this is genuinely the best value App on the market. such a positive investment for our children....and I bet I can learn a bit along the way too! x Thank you x

Janelle Atkinson, Founder of I Spy Kids


Parents: Check out the FabFirst5 App in the iTunes store - a great way to help kids (& adults) overcome anxiety, think more positively and also helps us grown-ups see things from a little persons perspective.

– Jo Shutt,

Naturopath and organisor of Peninsula Health & Wellbeing Expo

Julie I've had a little play and what a fantastic app!!! Congratulations.

I know what I'll be doing with Lucinda and Xavier in the morning! It is a good tool for adults as well.

Adriana Hartskeerl

– Child safety expert at Safe Spaces for Kids

App store reviews: thank you!

Our first iTunes review! Wow, 5 stars :–)
Our first iTunes review! Wow, 5 stars :–)

Our tips

As the old saying goes, tools only work when we do!


Practice the FabFirst5 process every day and within 30 days you should be well on your way to creating whatever positive habit you'd like to adopt.

I could say much more, but will leave that for a future blog.


Teachers, parents and counsellors, please send relevant tips and feedback to us and we will post them in the appropriate fields below to help others make the most of this resource. Remember to visit this page regularly, or subscribe to our e-news to be kept up to date with new developments.