The Fabulous first 5 minutes – FabFirst5

The CD Rom + Booklet program

Home pack or school pack, these programs both contain CD Rom + instruction book

+ downloadable activity sheets and posters of the Tree, Leaves and Apples.

Great for schools and families.

The best way to start your day – imagine a great day ahead!

How do you spend your Fabulous First 5 Minutes each day? If you're not using it to plan your day ahead, you could be missing the vital key that helps successful people achieve their dreams and goals.


That moment when you wake up each morning is full of marvelous possibilities and it's your perfect opportunity to choose how your day will proceed.


Learn about the Fabulous First 5 Minutes CD rom and booklet for schools and individual home use here. Buy them here.



The FabFirst5 iOS app is perfect for children to learn how to solve their problems by focusing on the possibilities available to them.


It was in the iTunes store until 2017 when Apple in its wisdom demanded we upgrade it or have it deleted. Unfortunately the cost to upgrade it every two years is prohibitive and we have lost our App.


If you previously downloaded it, the app should still work for you. The iOS app is a quick and simple version of the program which also keeps all your possibilities documented so that you have access to them at all times. We have reduced the price for the Home Pack program to make this more accessible for families.