A for Attitude in USA

On Thursday 16th May we were delighted to speak to all grade 3 students at Townsend Public School, in Montana USA via Skype. The children received their books via a donation from Broadwater County Lions Club after one of the Lions Club members was introduced to the A for Attitude book whilst visiting another Lions Club in Bendigo last year. We were thrilled to meet International First VP of Lions Club Dr Jung-Yul Choi from South Korea along with several other high ranking Lions Club officials who attended the school to witness a classroom activity based upon our book.


It was well worth getting up at 5am to Skype with this group!

This week we mailed another bundle of books to Montana for the next group of grade 3 students. Thanks again to Broadwater County Lions for their generous donations to support the wellbeing and resilience of their local students.


Can Do Kids Blog

The real action is taking place over at our Foundation website https://attitudebooks.org/blog/


Read about the adventures and challenges of the Can Do Kid and check out our latest news on Can Do tours of primary schools.

Trouble sleeping? Try these simple shifts to your child's routine...

After Bob Dole was defeated in the 1996 Presidential campaign, he said "I slept like a baby. I woke up every three hours and cried."


All jokes aside, many babies and toddlers can and do sleep well for a number of reasons. One is that they don't suffer from anxiety. As the experts at Raising Children tell us – "For children to be worried, they have to imagine the future and the bad things that might happen in it."

So it stands to reason that when their anxiety is reduced, they will sleep more easily too.


Here are three simple things to consider for a better nights sleep...

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3 ways to boost resilience in kids

Last night at Red Hill Consolidated school, Michael Carr-Gregg spoke to parents, teachers (and this local author :–) about the prevalence of anxiety in young children and offered suggestions for addressing it.


With the lights down, I didn't get to take notes, so here are three key points that come easily to mind... (maybe because they are things I myself speak about regularly) and thought you'd like to know more about them...

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A for Attitude road trip – Luck with a truck

Original cover Julie Davey's A for Attitude book

A for Attitude was initially self-published in 1998 and the first print run of 3500 books sold easily within a short space of time. It was time to think on a grander scale and get the book published overseas, and to do that, I decided to pass it over to a larger company who could promote it at the international book fairs.


In 1999 Random House licensed the international rights to A for Attitude and produced 10,000 copies for distribution in Australia and New Zealand.

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Who and what inspired me to write A for Attitude

Bruce Davey, Julie Davey father

In 1985 at the age of 57, my Dad was diagnosed with an aggressive form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I was at work as a pathology nurse when he phoned to tell me that he was on his way to hospital.


On hearing my news, one of my colleagues, Michael, a scientist in our laboratory, immediately mentioned a book he’d read which he urged me to get for Dad as soon as possible...

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Money mindset

What beliefs did you pick up from your parents and which ones will you choose to pass on to your children?

Most of our unconscious beliefs and habits (which rule our lives) are cemented during our early years. This can be helpful – or not – depending on who influenced us at that time.

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Survey results

Julie Davey & Bibi Lafleur, Bulk Whole Foods
Red Hill Consolidated

In 2014, we partnered with small-business owners and the Rotary Club of Rosebud-Rye to distribute books to more than 600 children in 10 schools on the Mornington Peninsula.


In October 2014, students and their teachers from seven of those schools were invited to participate in a survey to determine the value of the project. 427 students and 11 teachers completed the survey...

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Vale Dame Elisabeth

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch gave so much throughout her very long lifetime and I'd like to publicly acknowledge her great gift to A for Attitude Productions.

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Good, bad, maybe...

Sometimes what we originally think is a ‘bad’ thing, can actually help us! ... it’s all about the way we perceive things.


There’s an ancient fable which tells of an old man and his son living in rural China during the construction of the Great Wall, and paints the picture perfectly...

The old man had a horse that ran away one day to join a group of wild horses, prompting the other villagers to comment that it was ‘very bad luck’. To this, the old man simply replied “Maybe”.

The next day the horse returned to the village, bringing with it a wild one, so then the man had two horses! The villagers all thought this was ‘very good luck!’, but the old man again just said “Maybe”.

The following day, the old man’s son attempted to ride the wild horse and was thrown off, breaking his leg as he fell. The villagers all gathered around, sure that this was more bad luck, but the sage in his wisdom again responded, “Maybe”.

At that time in China, soldiers were travelling from town to town gathering up able-bodied young men to build the Great Wall. It was very dangerous work and many men died during the construction period and were buried in the structure.

Because the son had a broken leg, he was left behind.

Well! The villagers were sure that this was ‘very good luck!’, but once again the old man remained neutral. He again quietly responded with his usual comment, “Maybe.”

I think this is a great parable to keep in mind as we face life’s ‘downs and ups’. Things that seem to be against us are not always so. When we stop protesting and resisting and instead view what's happened from a different perspective, often we can find the learning or benefits that each new turn of events has for us. Of course that takes practise and the ability to live in the ‘now’. Which of course is really the only time we have.

Here’s a suggestion … share this story with your children and ask them to find examples of times when something they thought was ‘bad’, turned out to be more positive than first imagined.


A fabulous full day workshop

I recently exhibited at Michael Grose's 2 day Parenting Extravaganza in Melbourne, and was delighted to be asked by many parents and teachers whether I would be running a workshop at the conference.


This got me thinking about presenting another public workshop to offer parents, teachers and others, tips and techniques that they can use themselves to achieve their goals and then teach to children in their lives.

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