You are so very attractive!

Positive schools


The more you think about something happening, the more likely it is to happen...negative or positive.


Losers think and worry more

about losing.

Positive schools


Champions and winners think more about... winning!


Believe it or not ...

You choose what you think about!

Now, imagine for a moment that you are a magnet.

Positive thinking

And whatever you think about, most often, you bring, or attract, towards yourself.


What would you choose to think about most often?

War... or peace? Sick... or healthy?

Sad... or happy? Poor... or wealthy?

Did you know that there is a powerful force in the universe, called the Law of Attraction, that really does make us just like magnets?

Just as the earth pulls things towards it by the Law of Gravity, you and I pull things towards us, by the Law of Attraction.

Reaching your goals

And we tend to get whatever we think about most often... whether we like it or not!


So now ... isn't it a good idea to think positive thoughts most often?


It's imperative if you're serious about achieving your goals!

To prove that you see more of what you think about, try this today...

Think about yellow cars as often as you can today.

Then notice how many yellow cars you see.

Happy, successful people...

Happy, successful people choose to think happy, successful thoughts!

They do it every day. And so can you! It's all about the choices you make!

The FabFirst5 program and The Possibili-tree help people of all ages to focus on positive thoughts and goals and reach their full potential.