It's all about Attitude - julie's Vision

Positive thinking for kids

My vision is that one day all 8 year old Australian children will have easy access

to the principles and life-skills contained within the A for Attitude book.


As a former nurse, I understand that 'Prevention is certainly better than cure', and ask people who are

in the position to make a difference, to consider the impact – both now and in years to come –

of teaching our children that their outcomes in life are determined by their choices...

I want to let children everywhere know that they don’t have to be 'victims' in life. How they think – what they say and do –

how they react to opportunities and challenges, and what they choose to focus on – are all within in their control.

"It's not what happens to us, it's how we allow it to affect us that makes us who we are, and who we will become."

The Attitude Books Sponsorship Initiative...

In 2013, the Rotary Club of Rosebud/Rye donated books to each individual Yr3 student at Eastbourne Primary School in Victoria.

In the following video, Specialist education teacher Ann Richardson, of Richardson Education, shares a heartwarming story about one of the recipients of Rotary's donation.

"Our major goal is to link arms with a large ethical corporation who shares our vision for strengthening the resilience in young Australians."

What is small change to us – can create massive change for children!

Since first publishing A for Attitude in 1998 I've held a vision that one day this information would be available to every child.

 Nine years later, an incoming Rotary District Governor's comment showed me that this is indeed possible...

When Janet McCahon first saw the A for Attitude book, she explained to me that Rotary, and other service clubs in the USA,

annually give each Grade 3 child a dictionary, and thought that A for Attitude would be a great resource for Rotary Australia to give here.


That day marked the start of what has now become known as the 'Attitude Books Project' and Australian businesses and

community organisations are purchasing books to give to children in their community in this 'Think Global, Act Local' initiative.

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