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A for Attitude is still available at a bulk discount for schools and sponsors to purchase when providing to all Year 3 students in any school.


Please contact us to discuss your sponsorship intentions including name of school, number of Yr 3 students and name of school contact. Thank you.

A for Attitude / Sponsorship

  • A for Attitude — a little book that is 20 years old and still going strong!

    It's been published overseas many times and translated into multiple languages. Thousands of children, around the world—and their families—have benefited from reading this book. What's next?

    Read all about our 2020 vision to provide this book to 300,000 Australian kids every year!

    A for Attitude was designed for children of all ages to browse through when in need of inspiration and encouragement. To open at random and read a page or two.

    This best-seller  is used by PsychologistsTeachersChildren and Parents throughout Australasi