The Fabulous First 5 Minutes program

How do you spend your Fabulous First 5 Minutes each day?


That moment when you wake up each morning is full of marvelous possibilities and it's your perfect opportunity to choose how your day will proceed.


We've created the ultimate simple, effective program The Fabulous First 5 Minutes CD rom and booklet which is suitable for children and their families to embrace and use daily to really make the most of each day and their lives ahead.


Parents and teachers, please teach this to children and they will surely thank you later on!

In your classroom...

The FabFirst5 is a great way to set up your classroom for the day!
Jenny Williams,

National Director
You Can Do It! Education

“I have used a similar approach... the time spent is time saved, as my students’ behaviour, motivation and participation improved."

Noelene Bedggood, NSW

(former teacher and current Rotarian)

The FabFirst5 program is designed to assist children to become more resilient by learning how to successfully manage problems – simply and quickly. The emphasis is placed upon shifting their focus from the perceived problem to consider more positive possibilities. It is highly effective for individual and school use.

Norman Vincent Peale said: “Believe that problems do have answers, that they can be overcome, and that we can solve them.” The FabFirst5 helps children do just that. Purchase here.

Teacher feedback

“I am the grade 5/6 teacher at Rosebud Primary and have found the program VERY good for my students... The kids have responded in a very positive way, and remind me when we haven’t ‘done our tree’ in the morning...

So far, I have found the program to be a positive addition to my classroom and intend to continue it throughout the year.

Thanks for such a great program!"                   Heidi Kerr, Rosebud Primary School 2010

In your home...

The moment your child is born, they start school. That school is called 'Life' and you are their teacher. Yes, your children are watching you very closely and learning lots!

To use a technical metaphor; kids are like little computers (but so much smarter!).  They install and file away information as it is fed to them. Although it may not always be obvious, everything they hear, see and think is installed on their hard-drive (subconscious mind) and there it stays to be accessed later. The more they think, feel and act a certain way, the more those ‘ways of being’ become habitual and old habits certainly do ‘die hard’.

For children to thrive, it's important for them to feel confident and loved. It also helps if they can release worries, which gives them the ‘head-space‘ to consider other possibilities and solutions. The little things we do each day, make up our big life picture.

Student feedback

Tessa H., a year 6 student at Rosebud Primary School in 2010, used the Possibili-tree to help her through a difficult time. Here are Tessa's responses to our survey questions, plus her extra comments:
Q.    How well did you enjoy the process?  “It helped a lot”    
Q.    Did you find it helpful?  “very”    
Q.    Would you recommend it to others?    "Yes!"
Summing up:    “You can forget ... when your worries go away”