A Yr 3/4 teacher tells how and why she uses her copy of A for Attitude:

“I received my copy of A for Attitude in 1998 when I was 10 years old, so this book has been apart of my life now for 16 years. My parents had just recently separated and this book helped me gain the resilience I needed to cope through this difficult time.

This book has been so important to me and I am so glad I am now a teacher and I can share it with my students. I am so pleased that my school has just purchased a copy for every staff member.”

"At the beginning of the year I read a page a day and we discuss what it means and how it applies to our lives. Throughout the year we constantly refer back to it. My students love when I get the book out and it is always popular when they have their own reading time.

I am now studying a Masters of Education focussing on Wellbeing and I hope that every school I go to will imbed your book in their wellbeing program."

Ms Rebecca Neagle, Yr 3/4 teacher
St Joseph's Primary School, Brunswick West, Vic. Australia

"I often suggest that A for Attitude be used with class groups to facilitate discussion about the strengths and weaknesses we all have, along with the philosophy of daring to be different, and that it’s okay to be who you are – this can lead in beautifully to parents or teachers talking with their child/student with Autism or Asperger Syndrome about their diagnosis; it can be a perfect lead in also, for talking with siblings or peers to help them understand the child with ASD. And for engendering the spirit of helping each other."

Anita Holzer – Occupational Therapist, Qld 

"It is a great resource for social skills lessons and goal setting. We also make use of the digital activity pack (FabFirst5) in conjunction with our 'You Can Do It" program."

– Natalie Greer Yr3 teacher Eastbourne P.S.




"The book was used to shape class discussions. The activity booklet was very helpful and the story about the Ant, Bee and Caterpillar was great on several levels. As we are a 'Bounce Back' school, we already have a program we use, but the 'A for Attitude' book is child friendly and it is great to have their own copy!"

– Christine Young, SEL teacher Tootgarook P.S.

“Boneo Primary School has purchased a set of A for Attitude books and they are used as a constant resource in classroom discussions and for individual children experiencing difficulties in the yard, especially with bullying and peer group pressure.”

Donna Gadsby, Classroom Teacher – Boneo Primary School, Victoria


A great activity for school and home...

'What's your Word?' It is a simple 'game' that any group can play and, like any activity, the more often it is practised, the more it becomes a way of life.

Step 1. At the start of the school day, each student opens their ‘A for Attitude’ book at random and notices the topic on the open page (or one of the topics on that double page spread).

Step 2. Everyone then considers their special topic throughout the day, looking for examples of when they, or someone else, encounters the feeling or condition represented by the topic.

eg. If you randomly selected the topic ‘Look for the good'. you could look for the good in other people and events, or notice when other people do this too.
Step 3. At the end of the day, call students together for a 5–10 minute period during which each person gets to report on what they noticed about themselves and others around them.

Questions to ask everyone:
• How did you feel when you noticed this thing?

• How did you, or the other person respond to the event or situation?  and

• If you encountered that situation in the future, what, if anything, would you choose to do differently next time?

Family Time
What's your Word? is a great activity for families, so when you speak to parents who have the book, suggest they run this activity once a week at home. When parents share what they experience, it helps children to learn, and this also creates a space for families to connect on a regular basis and discuss important life-skills and practices.

Word Search Solution
44 Positive words have been used to make the Word Search in the A+ Attitude Workbook. Download solutions here.
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