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Julie Davey

international Author and speaker

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           hroughout her nursing training Julie felt there was something else calling her.  A trip to Europe after graduation sparked her interest in art and design but without a folio she couldn’t get into university. Not to be put off, she began dabbling and created a range of simple greeting cards full of terrible puns and dreadful cartoons.

Pracise, persistence and determination eventually lead to improved skills and paved the way for freelance work with clients such as Vic Govt, NAB Travel, BHP, card companies and a host of children’s book publishers.


      t was whilst watching the 'Oprah' show one afternoon in 1994, that Julie became inspired by a feature story of a successful home based screen printing business. This one spark of interest grew into the children's wear company 'Cheeky Ferret'. The brand was all Australian; relying completely on home grown fabrics, manufacturers and screen printers.


The Cheeky Ferret range included kids T-Shirts bearing Duck Down Under, the Cheeky Ferret, Snakes on Skates, Oodles of Poodles, The Rat Race and more. 


All T-Shirts had matching shorts for girls and boys, with head bands and scrunchies plus a range of other accessories including art smocks, Santa sacks and library bags and more.


Initially intended just for kids, the range soon grew to cater for adults as well as customers wanted to share the fun of these bright and cheery designs. The range of characters ended up in the book Quick! Duck Down Under.

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            ulie's life purpose became clear as she watched her dad deal in a positive and proactive way with a terminal illness. While researching the role that attitude plays in health (both physical and mental) she discovered wisdom and strategies that many people didn’t learn at school or home and packaged them in the little book titled A for Attitude.

Testimonials from families, teachers, psychologists and others, then inspired Julie to the launch the Attitude Books Project which aims to place a copy of A for Attitude in the hands of every grade 3 child every year.

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