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We gathered feedback from teachers, parents and kids from all over the world 

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“The values and philosophies in your book(s) are such important ones for all of us, but perhaps especially important for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders...”

~ Anita Holzer – Occupational Therapist, Qld


‘… refreshingly successful in tackling positive attitudes … hits you between the eyes with its simple and direct message.’

~ The Scholastic


‘I liked the book on the whole – every page is inspirational. This book can be used for any age group. From young to adults. I have already recommended it to the staff I work with as it is also a motivational book, anyone would be motivated in a positive way with the book.’

~ Debbie McCann, Melbourne


‘In today’s society when there are so many ways for people to escape reality it is a very positive step to introduce children to the concept of positive attitudes in such areas as anger, fear, fun, gossip and health. Who knows – maybe some adults will read the section on prejudice, dealing with problems and the importance of meditation. This book has something for us all.’

~ John Dalziel –Formner Communications Director, The Salvation Army

Using A for Attitude in the classroom.

Teachers often use the book on a weekly basis, most notably to discuss an incident. This is an excellent use of the book as then children see that it is a resource they can dip into when in need of personal guidance. Having their own copy of the book to use in class and also take home is one of the keys to the success of this project.

“A for Attitude is an extremely suitable resource for grade 3 children. The messages and values, along with images are of high interest to them and reflect the positive messages we try to convey to them on an individual level and as a whole group ... We have used the book in many class activities and discussions.”

– Kate Emry, Yr 3 teacher at Red Hill Consolidated School


“It is a great resource for social skills lessons and goal setting. We also make use of the digital activity pack (FabFirst5) in conjunction with our ‘You Can Do It” program.”

– Natalie Greer, Yr3 teacher Eastbourne P.S.


 “It should form part of our booklist and be given out in the first week of school”

– Grade 4 teacher, Rosebud PS



“I have thoroughly enjoyed using A for Attitude as a teaching resource in the area of student Well-Being. the children are enthusiastic to read, discuss and share their feelings using the book as a support.

– Belinda Coggin, Grade 3 teacher, Our Lady of Fatima


‘I Can’ Cards

“I use two of your invaluable resources frequently; The A for Attitude cards are in my pocket all the time and are a great encourager and skill developing resource the children can use from prep to grade 6 especially re goal setting and changing the negative self talk.


The book from the same name is utilised in my office frequently with children and parents alike. For personal development, goal setting, self esteem building, promoting living in the moment, skill development, changing negative self talk and utilising smart goal concept helping children achieve and understand the truth about themselves. Thank you it makes my job so much easier.”

~ Sandi Dwyer, School Chaplain, Boneo PS

Student comments – Yr 3 & 4

We asked students; ‘What have you learned about yourself from reading A for Attitude?’


“it makes me feel like I can do something right...that I can do stuff!”


“that when you’re angry, you should never EVER hurt anyone, and you should always be polite to people”


“don’t think about what anyone says to hurt our feelings, and think what you want to think.”


“that myself or anyone can be a better person, they just need to show how nice they are or who is on the inside.”


“it helped me to calm down and relax and not to get angry. It helped me to be better to other people and not furious...”


‘It helped me to stop doing stupid stuff.”


“it helps you with your anger.”


“I learned about me, what to do when I’m feeling down and want to express it.”


“I have learned about ‘it’s my choice on if I should do things or not, and there is a lot, lot more things.”


“how to deal with my anger and emotions in a better way.”


“it’s good to be reminded that you are in charge of your own feelings.”


“when I am angry, I read the page and it helps me to calm down a bit.”


“if you’re angry, settle down and go away from everybody.”


“it tells you don’t have to be a follower. And to make your own choices.”


“respect other people and respect yourself.”


“I have learned how to calm myself down.”


“it teaches me to accept myself for whoever I am and not to take my anger out on anyone or myself.”

“I learned new things and I really like this book!”


Deputy Principals’ comments

“At the end of last year we purchased a copy of A for Attitude for each staff member. I know that staff value this resource. For some it is kept at school and used regularly with their class, for others it is a resource used for them at home personally. It is often used during staff prayer or reflection before meeting times. A wonderful resource for all!!”

– Marita O’Sullivan, Deputy principal,Our Lady of Fatima P.S.


“... As we discussed previously, I will be referring to ‘A for Attitude’ particularly during Bounce Back! lessons to emphasise issues for students’ social and wellbeing development.”

– Jo Nicholson, Leading Teacher, Dromana Primary School, Victoria    24th July 2015


FabFirst5 Program


“I am the grade 5/6 teacher at Rosebud Primary ... I have found the program VERY good for my students, and we have been putting our worries away in the morning, by posting them on our ‘Possibilitree’. The kids have responded in a very positive way, and remind me when we haven’t ‘done our tree’ in the morning.

I have some students who come from very sad family lives and they are finding the tree a good way to focus on the positives in their lives and have a good day at school ... I have found the program to be a positive addition to my classroom and intend to continue it throughout the year. Thanks for such a great program!”

~ Heidi Kerr – Rosebud Primary School in 2010


I think this should be a package (A for Attitude & FabFirst5 Home Pack) that every family owns that sits right next to the family dictionary/atlas/other resource books that get used regularly!  Opportunities abound every day to pull it out and reference one of the beautifully positive pages.”

~ Natalie Palmer, Parent and former teacher


“The FabFirst5 is generally great for Grade 2 students, but on an individual basis, for troubled students, it’s GOLD! The Possibili-tree fits well with ‘Seasons’ loss and grief program.”

 ~ Marita O’Sullivan, Deputy Principal, Our Lady of Fatima Primary School, Vic

R for Richlife Book-2.png

R for Richlife

“Julie Davey’s R for Richlife targets the 10 to 13** year old market and shows its readers how to get ‘rich’ in every sense of the word. It asks kids to work out what richness means to them: relationships, health, hobbies, a new bike – and then helps them to develop positive mindsets so they can move towards their goals.

The book presents financial matters such as saving, investing and budgeting in fun ways that children will relate to, while providing them with skills that go far beyond the monetary…” 

~ Noel Whittaker – financial expert


** Author’s note: This book is certainly ideal for younger children as well – for parents to read to/with them. We advise that children are taught about money as soon as they have language skills. Habits formed in our early years are stronger and tend to stay with us for life.


Attitude in Action Book-2.png

Attitude in Action


‘I’ve always believed in the power of attitude and warmly commend this excellent book Attitude in Action – it teaches us how to think optimistically, to act positively and happily reach our full potential’

~ Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC DBE


‘What a beaut little book on how to grow and succeed in what ever it may be. This country was built on attitude like this… anything is possible, just some things may take a little more time than others!’

~ John Bertrand AM, Skipper of Australia 11, winner of the America’s Cup.


“A terrific hands on book that teaches kids some great thinking and life skills. Following A for Attitude, Attitude in Action is the simple and effective step-by-step guide to achieving success. It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it that counts.”

~ Michael Grose, Parenting Expert

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