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Attitude Books Foundation

winds up but their message remains relevant

                ttitude Books Foundation Inc. (ABFI) was established in 2015 with the aim to achieve a goal that was set in 1998 when A for Attitude was first published. That goal was that; ‘Every year, every grade 3 child in Australia would receive their own copy of A for Attitude.’

Over the years, we received funding from many Rotary and Lions clubs – including one in Montana USA! – along with school boards, small and medium business sponsors and caring individuals, who all believed in our quest to boost resilience in children.

With over 20 years of anecdotal evidence we know the significant difference A for Attitude has made in the lives of thousands of children both here in Australia and overseas.


Evidence based research funded by the Australian Federal Government Department of Health, and conducted by Headspace in 2019, revealed further evidence of positive outcomes related to use of A for Attitude by Year 3 students and their families.

Federal Health Minister funds ABFI resea

          eaching positive life skills at a young age, such as respect for self and others, means children are more likely to carry these habits into adulthood – an attitude that has a positive impact not only on themselves but on their families and communities.ABFI’s intention was to ensure that impact was far reaching and continuously growing.

Caravan at Boneo PS.jpg

               fter significant effort from our board members we did not achieve that ambitious goal due to a range of circumstances outside our control.


It would appear unlikely that we would be able to do so in future either, so in September 2020 we made the unfortunate decision to wind up the foundation.


               e would like to thank everybody who has supported the Attitude Books Foundation: teachers, principals, parents, children, psychologists, therapists, counsellors, clergy, local business owners, grandparents, doctors, Rotarians and Lions Club members, journalists and politicians.

While ABFI will cease to operate, A for Attitude Productions, and our desire to positively impact the lives of as many children as possible, lives on! Now, more than ever, the need for positive attitudes and caring communities are imperative.


The book will always be available on this website and we invite sponsors and schools to continue purchasing the books for delivery into the hands of Year 3 students.


Bulk order discounts remain: A for Attitude book can be purchased for just $10 per copy when intended for donation to every Year 3 child in your local school.


                for Attitude is:

  • ideal for classroom use,

  • theirs to take home,

  • perfect for family communication, and

  • an Australian best-seller.

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Supporting story

  1. Three million Australians are living with anxiety or depression,

  2. Anxiety, the forerunner of depression, is now being clinically diagnosed at age six,

  3. Early intervention identified as offering the greatest hope for recovery,

  4. Young people with sound social and emotional skills are better able to cope with everyday stressors and are less likely to experience mental health problems in the future. They tend to have better relationships with adults and peers and experience more academic success.

Supporting statistics

  • Mental illness: anxiety and depression affects 1:7 children and 1:5 older Australians

  • Domestic violence: 65K reports of DV in 2014, financial cost current est. $14B 5

  • Self harm and Youth suicide: Suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians and accounts for the deaths of more young people than car accidents 6

  • Drug and alcohol abuse: Annual costs of Substance Abuse in Australia $193 billion 7

  • Recruitment of marginalised young people to terrorist activities – reported by Dep PM, Julie Bishop, in 2015 as being our nation’s “greatest present challenge.”


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  2. Professor McGorry, director of the National Youth Mental Health Foundation (headspace)

  3. National Institute of Mental Health (USA)

  4. Claire Burns, Specialist educator and coach, Youth Director, the Rotary Club of Rosebud-Rye

  5. Domestic Violence Resources Centre Victoria (DVRCV)

  6. Beyond Blue

  7. National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)

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