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Attitude Book Series

 A for Attitude history, additional books and their reach.

              for Attitude was first published in 1998, and reprinted by Random House the following year.

After receiving many positive reviews for A for Attitude from parents, teachers, psychologists and children, Julie set a huge goal to equip – with the aid of brand partners – all 8 year old children in Australia with their own copy of A for Attitude – that they could access anytime to help them to build confidence, resilience and to live their best life.

The goal became known as the Attitude Books Project which was later supported by The Attitude Books Foundation Inc.

In 2002, Times publishers in Singapore licensed the rights for Asia and distributed the book in ten Asian countries, including a special edition for India.


More books; Attitude in Action (2005), R for Richlife (2007 & 2008) and The Fabulous First 5 Minutes (The FabFirst5' (2010) have since come into being.

These books, along with 'I Can' cards, posters and Julie's original book 'Quick! Duck Down Under' are available for purchase from our online store.

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      n 2011, A for Attitude, Attitude in Action, R for Richlife and The FabFirst5 were all republished as the uniform ‘All about…’ series.









These books are now distributed in: Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Brunei, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Hong Kong.

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          he entire series was translated into Korean in 2012 and ‘All about Attitude’ quickly ranked #3 in Kyobo’s children’s list, one of the most famous book stores in Korea.














In 2013, All about Attitude was transformed yet again when the text was translated into the Thai language. That version has the text in both English and Thai.

The four book series was then  translated into Vietnamese for publication in 2016.

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