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1. Like a different result? ... try something different! – as Einstein said: The definition of insanity is ... “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” What can you change to get a different result? Choose words that focus on the positive outcome you desire eg. the words ‘be positive’ and ‘don’t be negative both seem to say the same thing, but do they really? How do you feel when you hear either phrase?

consider the tone you use. Is it positive, uplifting, expectant of a good outcome? the volume of your voice is important too... 2. Show, instead of tell – are you a positive role model? Kids will often ‘do as we do’, rather than ‘do as we say’. Be sure that your actions are congruent with how you’d like your children to behave. 3. Possibility Thinking:

– do you focus on the problems, or the possibilities in everyday life? We get more of what we focus on, so be careful where you place your attention.

4. Expect the best ... What is the outcome you want? ... Do you believe it is possible? Remember that we tend to get what we expect, rather than what we just say we want. 5. Forget Jet-setting, try Goal Setting

Give children more of your presence, rather than presents.

The quality time you spend with your children in the early years is more important to them than anything else. Family goals can encourage unity, focus and perseverance. 6. Vision Board Sit with your children and look through magazines to find pictures of:

  • things they’d like to do and achieve;

  • things they’d like to have;

  • heros they’d like to emulate;

  • experiences they dream about,

then cut the pictures out and paste them onto a Manifesting Chart (aka Vision Board).

It’s a positive plan for the future, full of meaningful things for your child to focus upon and strive for.

Invite children to tell you about their hopes and dreams. This aids communication and helps you both to get clear about what’s important to them and what they’d like to work towards.

More info on Manifesting Charts and Goal Setting can be found in Attitude in Action and most importantly... 7. Catch them doing things well,

and let them know how much you love and appreciate them :–) Happy communicating!

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7 top tips for communicating with kids
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