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Do you ever get a worry or negative thought that goes around and around and around in your mind and plagues you day in day out?

Here's a great tip on how to get relentless thoughts off your mind...

Write them out!

It may sound simple and perhaps even a bit tiresome, but if the problem irks you enough, you might just find it worth the effort!

In the first column below, write any worries, troubles, problems or challenges you are currently facing.

Then in the second column, write what you would rather experience instead.

You may also consider if the challenge or 'problem' has a gift in it for you.

So often problems are there to teach us something, and when we gain the learning, we are often able to avoid the same problem occuring again.

Remember to make your 'wish' the opposite of the 'worry' and don't even mention the worry in your wish. ie. If your worry is about being 'sick' or 'broke'', then the wish needs to be about being 'healthy' or 'abundant'.... see? no mention of the problem!

You are welcome to download the worksheet, (and print it out for your own personal use) by clicking on the Pdf.

Once you've had a play with this, check out our Positivity Meter Maid option (only available for a limited time) and we will check your solutions to make sure they are effective affirmations.

Turn worries into wishes

This page gives options for writing out problems and then considering solutions.

Write out your worries
Download PDF • 162KB


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