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Highlights 16 'good, old-fashioned values' which feature strongly in school curriculums. Pin it up at school or home. Topics: Choices, Responsibility, Persistence, Peace, Inner Truth, Success and more.

A2 Values Poster

  • ‘Who you are today and who you will become tomorrow depend on the choices you make.’

    ‘Persistence pays’

    ‘Listen to your inner truth’

    ‘Freedom starts in your mind.’

    ‘World peace starts right here.’

    ‘If you want success, intend it.’

    ‘Every person has a purpose and a place in this world.’

    ‘Everyone deserves a fair go.’

    ‘We get what we give’

    ‘What can you do today to encourage people to trust you?’

    ‘Treat others as you would like them to treat you.’

    ‘You are responsible for what you do.’

    ‘Look for the good in others and that is what you will find.

    ‘In every moment of every day, you get to choose your attitude.’

    ‘You don’t have to be the best, be your best.’

    ‘It’s great to appreciate.’