Attitude Books Foundation inc. – our Not For Profit organisation

In December 2015 this new NFP organisation Attitude Books Foundation Inc. was established to carry on the work that was more than this one person could tackle alone. I am forever grateful to the five community minded people who stepped up to offer their support as Directors, so that we could register this group. Creating a NFP with a strong and committed team, means that this initiative now has more ability to reach out and achieve its goal of getting A for Attitude to every grade 3 child every year.


This website will remain for the time being, but the main focus will be the new Foundation website where schools can become eligible to receive books, P&C groups can fund-raise and families can join the Can Do Kids Club.

Rotary Youth Director Claire Burns and Julie visited Our Lady of Fatima school in Rosebud recently, to chat with the grade 3 students as a part of the Attitude Books Project.


DP Marita O'Sullivan, pictured top left, is a great supporter of our book and other resources.

The amazing adventures of the Can Do Kid BLOG!


The Can Do Kid met a few celebrities in Sydney last month then headed off shore on a huge cruise ship with Julie while she gave a few talks to passengers. Back in town, he went to 'Game Day' at Ch7 and now he's headed off to Europe! He sure gets around!


Follow his amazing adventures, answer some questions and YOU CAN go into our weekly draw to win a great prize.


Not just a pretty face! This book has taken on a life of its own.

A for Attitude — a little book that has just come of age...18 years old and still going strong!


It's been published overseas many times and translated into multiple languages. Thousands of children, around the world—and their families—have benefited from reading this book. What's next?


Read all about our 2020 vision to provide this book to 300,000 Australian kids every year!

 The best gift you can give your children (after love) is the where-with-all to solve their own problems!  Help children focus on what they can do, instead of what they think they can't. 

Our books are distributed throughout 15 countries in multiple languages. Buy online today or ask your local bookshop to order them in.

How do you spend your Fabulous First 5 Minutes each day? That moment when you wake up each morning is full of marvelous possibilities & is the best time to plan how you'd like your day to pan out. The Fabfirst5 program helps kids to create the day, and life, they'd love to live.

Julie in the media more here...

Julie Davey has been interviewed on Ch7's Sunrise
Julie Davey has been interviewed on Ch7's Evening News

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A for Attitude resilience resources for kids

Easy to read and digest. Children and adults love the simple wisdom in Attitude books, cards and posters. more>

Make a fresh start with the FabFirst5

This simple program teaches kids how to shift from problems to possibilities. more>

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Julie Davey speaker for parents and teachers

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Just as a child's body needs nourishment and exercise to stay fit and healthy, so does their mind! 

The earlier in life that your child receives 'positive mental nutrition', the happier, healthier and more successful they are likely to be.

Prevention better than cure



“Begin with the end in mind”, so picture this...

Way ahead in the future, when your child turns 21, is he or she likely to be:

• optimistic and resilient?
• capable of solving his or her own problems?, and
• good at managing money and managing without it?

Financial literacy for children
Financial literacy for children

"... I think this should be a package that every family owns that sits right next to the family dictionary/other

resource books that get used regularly!"  – Natalie Palmer (read full testimonial here)

"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.. the second best time is NOW"

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