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Raising Resilient Children

The principles contained in the book suit people of all ages, of any colour, creed or race, from all walks of life… because they are based upon age-old wisdom used by successful people for generations.

A for Attitude

by Julie Davey


                 little book that is more than 20 years old and still going strong!


It's been published overseas many times and translated into multiple languages. Thousands of children, around the world—and their families—have benefited from reading this book. 

A for Attitude was designed for children of all ages to browse through when in need of inspiration and encouragement. To open at random and read a page or two.


This best-seller  is used by Psychologists, Teachers, Childrenand Parents throughout Australasia and has received excellent feedback


*Inspiring and absolutely FREE


From Around The Globe

…your book and cards are a great way for (our family) to interact and discuss the right way to think and believe so you can achieve.”


Joe DiPietro

NYC New York, USA

…“I have thoroughly enjoyed using A for Attitude as a teaching resource in the area of student Well-Being. The children are enthusiastic to read, discuss and share their feelings using the book as a support.”

Belinda Coggin

Rosebud, Victoria

…“It teaches me to accept myself for whoever I am and not to take my anger out on anyone or myself.”


Yr 3 student

Mornington Peninsula

…“The tools and resources provided by ‘A For Attitude’ over the past many years have provided an outstanding foundation and support for young people to truly grow into their full potential. “


Tracey Lakainapali

Sandringham,  Australia

…”Surround yourself with Julie’s books, cards, posters and positive messages to bring more smiles to your life – I have!  Well done, Julie!”

Sammy Nuttall

Melbourne, Australia

…“I fell in love with “A for Attitude” book (and cards) even before I had kids. I thought that Julie’s marvelous illustrations and simplistic way of presenting such important life lessons is admirable and suitable for every age.“


Einav Yam-Hod

Hamerkaz, Israel

Julie Davey

the Author

             ulia is an international bestselling children's author and illustrator with a series of positive psychology books distributed in 14 countries. She works predominately with parents and teachers who understand the importance of resolving anxiety and building resilience in children.

As a nurse, Julie witnessed the power of attitude and how it affects both physical and mental wellbeing. 


               tittude Book Foundation was established in December 2015 to build upon the work already achieved in The Attitude Books Project; Not For Profit group was dedicated to building resilience in Australian children. The campaign goal was to equip – with the aid of brand partners – all 8 year old children with their own copy of A for Attitude that they could access anytime to help them to build confidence, resilience and to live their best life. Throughout this campaign. multiple benefits exist for schools and families.


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